Event Planning Services

Do you have a party, corporate event, or wedding coming up in the near future? Are you overwhelmed with all of the aspects of event planning? Zovento wants to help. We’re the only event planner that you’ll need to ensure your big event or party goes smoothly. Learn more about our event planning services through Instagram and Facebook.

Our Event Planning Expertise

We don’t actually plan events for you; instead, zovento is an online marketplace for customers to find the perfect vendors for their event. We partner with many different companies to cover all aspects of any event, including:

No matter what you need to plan for the perfect event, you’ll find the right vendors on zovento’s site. Our goal is to make event planning as fun and stress-free as possible for you.

If you’re a vendor and want a great way to advertise your services, we can help you too. Look at our pricing page to see what you’ll pay to get your services included in our marketplace. Our pricing is straightforward and we have a few different add ons you can choose from to increase your exposure, so see which one fits your needs to most.

Zovento tries to make event planning smooth and easy for customers and vendors. If you want to learn more about our services, look us up on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. If you want to find the perfect vendors for you, start by using the search bar on our home page. Once you find the right company, contact them and start planning your event!